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Teaching Responsibility to Uphold Teen Health

1336 Conklin Ave.

Augusta, Ga 30901

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Earn money while you learn how to improve social skills, assertiveness, coping skills and problem solving to reduce risky behaviors. Participants will learn how to use interpersonal communication skills to enhance healthy relationships. Once program is completed the goal is for the attendee to be empowered to achieve healthy relationships at home, work and socially through both knowledge and practical skills while making healthy choices for their lives. Participation allows opportunity to attend prevention education sessions, individual counseling sessions and visiting the project website. You will also have access to free onsite HIV/HCV testing (available but not required). Upon completion of this course attendees will receive a $50 Visa gift card, giveaways and be able to use decision making skills acquired through training to avoid/reduce health risks.

There is no cost associated with this class. Lunch provided during training sessions.

Ages 13-19 who do not have children and up to age 21 for those who are parenting or currently pregnant. Register Today!

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